I Don’t Operate a Hospital, Neither am I a Patient

These days when a guy says he likes you, beware ladies.

I don’t Know if it just me or are these questions similar to your experience as well.

Where do you work? 

This question is intended to quickly ascertain whether or not you come with a cost. If your gainfully employed it means that they can get away with not taking up responsibility for you. Note, when people are trying to get to know each other this may be an important detail, but it is even more important when a guy is looking for a quick fix. He searches for the experience  that will be least costly to him.

That leads me to questions number two

You man live with you? – or some other variation such as you live alone?  you parents mind if you have friends over? ETC.

This is their attempt at being subtle but mind you this is still a ploy to establish what kind of access they will have to you. Funny they first assume that you have a man and by this they also assume that your some kind of skank who is completely willing to cheat on your "supposed man". How does it benefit them if you have a man? Well if you already have a man, he should be the one to cater to your needs in every way (except of course, you know 😉 cuz he wants that to be for him alone) and as such this suitor his hoping to score some free fun from another man's bounty.

Next if you live with your parents, it will cause be a major hindrance to him because his aim is not to meet the parents, some up the courage and ask your father (who he fears) for your hand in marriage. Nuh huh 🙂 . This suitor is as Steve Harvey puts it "sports fishing" and his aim is to score with little to no cost to him. So if you live with your parents, then he doesn't have free access to your house, which translates into him having to prepare an environment for the rendezvous. So if your one with class, he's probably gonna disappear because you will want to know where he lives or if you decide to go that route, you will not subject to the back of his car, so he may have to pay for a real hotel room and not a motel. And we all know how it will go down if the reverse is true 😮

The next question and the one that really pisses me of is

Where you live, when me can come look for you?

Men really have their game plan set for escaping cost. Before this guy even takes you out on a date… a simple date, such as Devon House, for a scoop of ice-cream and a conversation in a neutral environment, he wants to know when can he come look for you.

My questions to this Adonis are ……….Hmmmmm         Image

  1. when did I become lost?
  2. when was I admitted in the hospital?
  3. when did we become so familiar for you to think that you can “come look for me”?

When this man gets to come look for you, some don’t even have the decency to walk with a little chocolate bar or something and everyone knows that it is decent to take a little gift when you going to people’s yards. But oh no not him, his aim after all is to cut cost.  So once he becomes privy to the fact that you live alone, automatically your home becomes and hospital to accommodate visitors.

According to my understanding of dating it is the time period when people usually of opposite physical make up after showing some interest in each other go out in neutral environments in an attempt to get to know each other and discover whether or not their feelings will develop further.

But not in the society that I live in. Dating for these men is a quest to get to the prize with little to no real effort while cutting cost as low as possible. Their aim in coming to look for you is that after a couple times, you will invite them in because knowing Jamaican parents and grandparents, they sure taught you that it is impolite to entertain guests outside. Then when they get inside, they hope to become cozy and get to the pie, all while you bear the expenses.

A male friend of mine once laid it out to me like this;

When a man asks to come look for you, his hope is to get to the fruit without having to incur any costs.  You being a good host, you let him inside your house, he sits, you turn on the TV or radio for entertainment. You offer him a drink and depending on the time of day, he may even score a meal, all at your expense. Oh, and don’t forget the lights because this visit is usually pops up in the night.

The truth is ladies, dating costs money and yes we are living in trying times where the economy is concerned. But the men have fully worked out how to continue to make scores without standing any cost. This has been going on for years but has become more prevalent in present day. Please, beware of these men.

Delight in the simple and be reasonable with your expectations for date venues. We are all facing a recession even the men. Pick up a tab here and there when you can, but look out for these tricks and don’t allow yourself to get played. You can only be successful at the game if you know the rules. 😉