Thank you for the Loss of Sleep

you not only act like a child but you have discredited all the actions that I have taken today which to a normal, mature, well thinking individual would prove that I am taking steps that aren’t normal and are out of my way to show you how I feel. But all that is irrelevant right? Because you have decided that your ego has been hurt or bruised, by no deliberate action of mine. You eavesdrop on a conversation, take a snippet of it out of context and now I’m held in contempt. even when I have brought up several situations where you have done worst to me deliberately, you still remain dismissive. you have dismissed my feelings, you have dismissed my efforts and you have dismissed me. At the very least, even though you had no real grounds to be upset, I acknowledged your hurt, walked in your shoes, and apologized, but that wasn’t enough. You can’t fit in my shoes, because all you can see is your ego. you cant see how your histrionics have caused me hurt. no all you see is your hurt, all you can see if your self. even though I asked you not to go to bed angry at me, apologized sincerely and reassured you of my affections, I was still dismissed. I really do hope you will sleep well. Ill be losing sleep, tonight, and maybe tomorrow night, but eventually I will sleep fine.


“Modern Day Prostitution” or # Friends with Benefits?

“Four back shot that a fi di what not
Three lizard lap, that a fi di door and di grill and di padlock
Gi me five siddung pan it
fi di fridge and di blender pan di fridge top
Eh, gwaaan bad fi di Louis Vuitton bag
Tek rod fi di goods from seprod
Plus di ceramic tiles and di gold plate door knob
That a guh cous yuh a blow job”

Courtesy of di Worl Boss… eh eh eh 😀

“Fair Exchange is no Robbery”   

😮 😮

I was traveling on a public passenger vehicle recently when I overheard a woman, almost in tears, talking to someone on her cell-phone. What really drew my attention to the conversation was when she said “if me nuh deh wid me baby fada him nah gi me nuh money fi send di pickney go school”.

It is appalling that relationships have now taken the form of prostitution.  Did Vybz Kartel in is infinite knowledge, just stumbled across these or is it a phenomenon. Relationships were  about a man supporting his woman and or family without adding  ultimatums. Now the world, (as was expected), has changed  but or we ready to accommodate this change. Should every day women continue to think that they are better than the ladies of the night when the only barrier that separates us is that the exchange occurs in the comfort of our own homes, out of the sight of prying eyes.

Why sugar coat it?,  calling it “friends with benefit” when any logical thinking person can see that this is no different from prostitution. Lets call a spade a spade.

Women are of Value but this should not translate into monetary worth.  Women should realize that they are not property to be bought and sold to the highest bidder. Stop allowing men to degrade you because if this continues the work of the many women in history who have fought for equality for us would have gone in vain. Though we have not reached that pinnacle, we will never reach it if we continue to allow men to put price tags on us.

This is not to relieve men from their responsibilities to their “families.” Men what  you do for and give to your families should not come with conditions. You should aim to set the atmosphere in your relationships where your intentions are not  “give to get.”  In a relationship both parties have a responsibility. Though yours is more financial and the woman’s may be more sexual however these shouldn’t be controlled by ultimatums. Let respect be the order of the day.

Women think of yourself as priceless, not to be bought or sold. Remember “unuh a nuh tutty gran gal” 🙂