If I see ‘of’ misused one more time

OMG, I am literally going to explode if I read another comment and see people using the word ‘of’ incorrectly. Where did this new wave of illiteracy come from? Is it a trend that I don’t know about? Please someone tell me, did the meaning and usage of the word ‘of’ change in the recent year. I am a teacher of English (second guessing my usage of the word of right now. sigh) and I am supposed to be au fait with the varying changes that occur in the English language, but this one has clearly slipped me.

I am well aware that as we develop as the human species, we invent new things, we coin new words which sometimes get added to the dictionary and graphed into the language. I am  also aware that many things don’t make sense in the English language. Like, goose becomes geese but moose doesn’t become meese. It just is a difficult and silly language. But with that said, certain words and their function are literally set in stone, like the word of. There is no time, or space, reason or season that I can think of that would justify changing the meaning and usage of the word of. But that doesn’t stop people from blowing up every social media time line throwing ‘ofs’ all over the place like nobody’s business.

Everyone has free will, to do what they want, when they want and how they want. But should free will be an excuse for people to be dropping abominations such as this?


I kid you not. The woman wrote “of been noticing that too.” I’ve seen many crazy usage of the word of and the most prominent one is usually could/should/would of been… But this one was just mind blowing. For a pronoun that separates a human from an inanimate object to be changed into a preposition, is just crazy. And you know whats funny, this atrocity that we see permeating social media and possibly real verbal dialogue between people is coming from…..you guessed it, the great America. Why Americans, why?

The same people who were outraged at Rihanna’s song “Work” calling it pure gibberish because she was using a non standard vernacular that they seem to look down on. Americans basically think every other language is below their version of English and other people across the world should make it their duty to learn English so that they can communicate with them when they go to visit their country, but when I see things like this I wonder, do Americans themselves know how to use basic English? This is not advanced English, this is the basic stuff. I mean come on.  I know they are going to say oh, that’s black America. Those n****rs are stupid as hell with their Ebonics but I can tell you, I have seen this stupidity across a wide racial cross section. It ain’t just the black people.



I wasn’t lying.

But, the race of the person who uses it is beside the point but also kinda the point. This obnoxious butchering of the English Language is actually more popular among African Americans and is testament to the poor quality of the education system in Black America. I am from Jamaica, where we speak both English and creole and I know that it can be a difficult task to teach kids (who speak another language) English, but I also know that this basic level of English isn’t even something to teach, it just is. So I cannot fathom what has caused this shift in the ability of people in an “English Speaking”  country, such as America, to actually make proper use of simple words such as I’ve, have been etc. I really don’t get it.

Maybe these smart phones are actually making us dumber than we think. This auto correct isn’t a joke. I know sometimes auto correct messes up the sh**t out of what we type and before you know it  you post a comment and you have the internet grammar police on your ass. But I know this isn’t one such  instance when auto correct is the guilty party. I know this is evidence of the deterioration of the human brain. I bet even though there was that bright red line under that word ‘of’in both those comments, the people behind those comments had no idea why that red line was there.

In the end, no one is perfect and people should be tolerant of other peoples languages, abilities and disabilities. But also, it is our duty to identify and address problems that we see arising in the society and when a person who learned English as a second language knows more English/ English nuances than actual native English speakers, Houston we have a problem.

So cheers to freedom of speech, but please if you choose a particular language to express that freedom, try to use it properly. And Americans, stop being so “judgy” at other people’s vernaculars, because you ain’t perfect either.

Work, work, work work, work, seh me affi work work….