Dance assault

Using the word disturbing is an understatement to describe what is happening in the danchehall realm of Jamaica. The video above shows a woman  being dragged around and treated like an inanimate object by men who have mothers, sisters and possibly daughters.

This kind of display is quite often the only thing that can be seen making waves across the varying social medias about my little home on the rock. It breaks my heart to see the level of violence and stupidity that has taken over the people of Jamaica.  With a vast majority of the population only seing violence as limited to murder and continue to be desensitized to the  violence against women and children that is rampant in the country and seems to be escalating on a rapid level, while being masked as fun.

When I watched this video, I could clearly see that this poor (silly) woman was trying, on several occasions, to escape her attackers but was unable to because they surrounded her like a pack of wolves going for the kill. The other sad thing is, the DJ was encouraging the behaviour  and boosting the croud to continue to cheer on these wild animal. Whats disheartenng to me about this seen, is that all the other patrons instead of helping this woman, were busy taking videos thinking of all the possible hits on their social media.

We have been so far removed from our humanity that we no longer see people needing help but click baits for social media fame.

But this post isnt about the effects of social media, but about the continued degradation of morals in Jamaica and the acceptance of violence as the norm. This woman here and countless others are being literally assaulted at these dance parties, all in the name of fun. Not even animals are treated in the manner in which these women are being handled and it’s all for what…fun? Violence is so normalized in Jamaica that unless someone is literally dead we don’t see certain beahviours as violent. Violence against woman as also been with us since the beginning of time and even though we have put laws it place, women still seem to be at the wrong end of a fist, a foot, a gun or knife. This behaviour is even learned and reinforced in the younger kids where videos of similar content and even worst are popping up on social media but the participants are much younger than the ones in this case.

I dont know when we will recognize that the only end result of tolerating these behviours is women being actually raped in these situations. Why do we always have to wait untill things get to the worst point before we take action. I hope that the voices of the few people who are speaking out against this new trend are being heard and the necessary stakeholders are taking steps to curb this trend before we have a rape epidemic on our hand. These  women clearly have no say in how they are being handled in the dancehall and that coupled  with all these horney and physcally strong men, i see a recipe for disaster. I hope I am just a pesimist and things don’t actually end where I see them going, if it (rape) hasnt actually happened before.

This video personally said it best, these men should be spending time in prision for these assualts disguised as dance.