Ebb and Flow

Love is not what you think.

Yes its patient, kind and understanding.

But it’s also hard, tiring and painful.

And if you love half the way

You are only setting yourself up for pain.

For it’s like a perfect sunny day,

When all of a sudden down comes the rain.

You’re not prepared, so you don’t have an umbrella or a coat

So in the rain you’ll get soak.

But if you love to the fullest and give it your all and not just a half

You’d know the outcome

And be ready when the rain comes again.




For want of you my heart is yearning

For your love my soul cries

Yet I fear my all is in vain

Though there is hope for me

I dread there is no love for me

Since my feelings for you can no longer survive

The time has come to say goodbye

Thoughts of us when things were grand

Makes me glad when we first held hands

Before I say goodbye, we’re through

Here is a thought that’s meant for you

“When you feel that all is lost,

Remember the future remains

Remember me as I will remember you

In my heart we will never be through

Since this is what you want and is to be

Farewell and farewell”