A tortured soul

You’ve invaded spaces

You capture their souls

Youre a chameleon, but

your true nature shows

just like your many colors

no one knows, the depths

of the torture,

the torture

that is your soul.

today you have a voice

calm, quiet, almost peaceful

but not for long

‘cuz eventually its like

everything comes crashing and

you can’t help your crazy

you survive by transforming souls

you creep in, win on nature

and once your attached

its impossible to unhinge

no one knows the monster, that within

link monks they pray

for you to prey


they themselves are


into your tortured replica

your work is done




I  didn’t birth you

I picked you

There were many choices

I chose you

I nurtured and cared for you


I never asked much of you

I only wanted you to flourish

So, I encouraged you

And now

At the peak of what should be your life

You’re dead

And I’m confronted

Once more

With my inability… to sustain

The things I love

I go on.




When will we be united,

when will our souls stop feeling the loss of you,

when will you recognize that its time for you to stand up for us

when will you stop being apart of what hurts us

When will you see that together we are better than apart

when will we stop shedding tears because you keep messing with our hearts

When will we not need to be strong

When will we be able to unlaod some of the burdens

When will we be able to not demand better, but experience it

When will you recognize that we are a reflection of each other, that if you’re broken then we are also

When will we be able to recieve full comfort and support from you with all that we face

When will we recover our value and our grace

Recognizing that we are together in this space

Fighting together for the upliftment of our race

We need you, we need you to stop being part of  the reason we are broken

we need you to see each of us, whether you know us or not

as a sister, a mother or daughter – and want the best for us

We need you to get away from the promiscuity,

This was taught to you to break our family

we need our daughters and sons to see

the reflection of what our creator meant things to be

the black man together with a black woman, like yin and yan

working together, not in competition.

Let your black woman help you and show you support

Let us love you and be your mate

that’s how we started out black man

and even though it may seem so, I dont think its too late

But everytime I am hurt by another one of you

I cant help but lose faith

But I dont want it to be, black man

Because I know that there is none like you and they were wrong

I know the struggles you’ve had to bare, and I know you are strong

but the same struggles are what we share, so allow us to be there

We need each other, cause together is the only way we can answer


Let when be now.




The gift of my pain
is what I write
Intricately woven
into something
Something worthwhile
now I don’t feel pain
I just feel numb
I feel lost
Like I should be
doing something
Something more
Something worthwhile
for now
I write
my pain
is something
Something more
Something worthwhile



The source of your greatest pleasure

is often the source of your greatest pain

You are taken on a high

By some random person, at some random time

You let your guard down

You’re without care

You feel light as air

Gravity doesn’t even exist

Then after days, weeks, even months

Reality strikes and gravity surprises you

You free fall from that high point

of perpetual bliss, and you find that

your ceiling is quickly morphing into  a floor

Your high point suddenly becomes

a dark deep hole you can’t climb out of

You always thought there was significant distance

between up and down

but like the thin line between

love and hate

joy and sorrow

life and death

It is fragile

A simple footstep makes a difference

A single action or non action

A single day, a single minute

and your left agonizing

over the whys and hows

Tormented by the what was to be

and the what was.

Image courtesy of Unsplash.


Inspired by


This poem was written in hopes of being read at my wedding as a pledge to the man I thought I would be spending the rest of my life with. I later found out that everything he ever said to me was a lie – and I mean everything. However, though I will not be using this poem to pledge my love for him, I decided to share it anyway, because, though he was lying, every word of it is true and came from my heart.

I title it Aloha, because in Hawaiian, Aloha is used to express both hello and goodbye, which basically sums up the world wind of fake romance, that I recently experienced.

Here goes,


You engross my mind

I think of you always

like a breath of fresh air

you revitalize my heart

which has awaken from a coma

Your voice is a delight

I love your voice

when you gently whisper my name

I love the way you laugh

at the silliest of things

I think of you always

I replay our conversations

every word, every syllable inspires

a smile – hovers over my face

like clouds on a rainy day

I think of you always

you doubt I feel the way you do

but faith said go ahead

so I love you simply

because you asked me to.


“Love makes time pass but time makes love pass”.I have never been so badly deceived in my whole life and it will be a hell of a struggle to recover from this whole situation but it too shall pass – in time.

Hawaiian sunset



love is such a reckless emotion

one minute your dancing on cloud nine

the next, your free falling through an abyss

we give up on things that are much easier to acquire

however, after suffering through bouts of heartache

we still are rest assured  that there is

a love out there just for us

so we go through  the cycle once more

will we ever accept, love

is just a stupid scheme

a facade

an illusion

love is

like seeing water in the middle of a hot dessert

it is never real

it never lasts

its just a mirage.