White life + Blue Life: American Police lives matter twice as much.


Another one bites the dust….I guess that’s the song being sung by all the white supremacist racist people who have been all over social media defending the murderous cops who stole the life of #AltonSterling last night in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I spent the better half of my day mourning the death of a man that I have never met. Even though I didn’t know Alton Sterling,  that didn’t prevent me from experiencing serious trauma from the execution of this man. I didn’t know him but I don’t need to know him to see him as my father, my brother or any of my male relatives. I also couldnt help seeing myself in him, because as been recently proven by Sandra Bland’s death, the only weapon that a black person needs,  man or woman, is melanin.

This incident is one of the many that the #BLACKLIVESMATTER movement can attribute its genesis to. Black lives are being threatened everyday not just in America but all over the world, in America it’s just more violent.But instead of saying yes, black lives do matter just like everyone elses, we have to hear chants from white supremacists about white lives and blue lives, both of which are not in any way threatened on a daiy basis. Blue lives and White lives have never been a target for extermination by any organized group or system. White lives nor blue lives don’t have to wake up everyday with the reality that though they may be in good health, the day may be their last, simply because they wear a skin that has been demonized for centuries. Melanin makes you guilty even when you’re  not. For all those who are saying that this isn’t a race thing, since the police were clearly under no immediate threat and the man was not comitting a crime, please explain why then was he murdered in the streets? I would say like an animal, but we all know you value the lives of animals over that of black people. Hashtag justice for Harambe, yeah, justice for a fucking gorrila but not for an innocent man who was executed in the streets by white cops.

Arrest by definition is a stoppage or sudden cessation of motion. Arrest doesn’t mean you cant ask questions, it doesnt mean you have to lay on the ground but for American cops, once the “suspect” is black they have to stop breathing to convince the police that they are not “resisting arrest” because even the involuntary up and down motions of the chest cavity when breating is seen as a threat to me exterminated once that person is black. And if I am reaching, down below is video evidence of what actual resisting arrest looks like and the  man managed to escape with his life intact. I know some of you are “color blind” but you dont need glasses to see what’s obvious in these instances. The offender in this case wears the skin of automatic goodness, the skin of superiority, the skin of morality and so even when behavior dictates otherwise, he is still given the benefit of the doubt and gets to go home to his family.


This isn’t even the only evidence of the obvious bias against black people by white police officers, just check this video below and you’ll see the difference in approach when dealing with an armed and dangerous white man, versus dealing with a possibly armed black man. Somehow, police have all the time in the world to call backup, to talk to the white offender and wait for compliance and even then,  shoot one time and wait  an additional half an  hour for compliance but a subdued black man is killed  because he supposedly didn’t comply to the order of not moving when one officer’s knee is on his chest while the other one is kneeling in his torso.


The real truth is that white people are given respect, no matter their condition, rich poor saint or demon. The simple fact that they have been “blessed” with the coat of innocence prevents them from being killed no matter how guilty they are. But the black man, throughout history, has always been seen as less than and so when a white cop speaks he should simply become stiff like a piece of log to prevent himself from dying. What are the rights of black citizens in America when it comes to encounters with the police?  All these internet superintendents and chiefs of police, please let me know. Doesn’t a human being deserve to know what he is being accused of and to be treated with respect and dignity by the ones who are payed to protect and serve? Are the police in America only paid to protect and serve the white community, evident by their actions to always de-escalate situations with white offenders but killing black men, women and children on sight?

When will you stop justifying the murder of innocent people with their past wrap sheet. Once a person has done the prescribed time for a crime, they are no longer “guilty”of such crime. And in the instance when those police officers decided to murder that man, I am sure they didnt know that twenty years ago he was in prison for agrravated assault ecetera. So, since his criminal record wasn’t known at the time that he was executed, it is of no relevance when trying to justify the actions of the police. You know why the white media and justice system has always had to go this route to justify murder, it’s because 9 out of 10 times in the instance when the person is murdered they are not doing a darn thing to warrant being killed. When did we start killing people for 20 year old wrap sheets? Oh wait, Amerikkka have always been doing it to black people.

All in all, Alton Sterling has gone for 20 years without a criminal conviction so any sane  person would summize that it is possible he turned his life around and was trying his best to raise his kids, surviving in a system that doesn’t give you even a first chance, and clearly not a second, if you happen to be born the wrong shade.  Even if Alton had a gun on him, (which from what I saw, must be the tiniest gun in the world based on how the police took it from his pocket)he was of no threat to those police officers. He was the only one in danger in the whole altercation and now he is dead. Five children have lost their father, the oldest of which is fifteen years old. How do you expect this young man to feel knowing that his father was murdered in the streets by cops and white people are all over the media demonizing him and defending the actions of these officers?

How long do you think it will be before the cup runneth over? How many black people must die before we acknowledge that racism, lynching and white supremacy aren’t things of the past and have lived on from generation to generation, passed down from the bastards who first decided that my people were animals and deserved to be subjugated and brutalized? A token black friend doesn’t prevent anyone from being racist. If so many people have token black friends and claimed not to be racist there would be no one defending the actions of the police in any of the situations resulting in the death of a black man and especially not in this case.

I pray for the family of Mr. Alton Sterling  and I want them to know they dont greave alone.

#JusticeforAltonSterling  #blackGenocide  #BLACKLIVESMATTER



2 thoughts on “White life + Blue Life: American Police lives matter twice as much.

  1. The media has manipulated the masses through the controlled distribution of violence pornography and propaganda to rouse emotions anger rage fear ect. These emotion fuel the dimwitted into actions resulting in thier own peril. It’s about time we guard our minds with intelligence and retaliate in the same battle field by unleashing the untapped genius within us. Only then we will be able to see the game.

    1. You know what i find strange; how people can witness a murder and somehow find a way to blame the victim. Do you think Alton Sterling thought he was playing a game when he was out tuesday morning not knowing that’s the last day he would walk this earth. Since the media is controlling the minds of everyone why dont we see instances of black police officers acting in the same savage way towards white suspects? Or does the media control white cops to kill and black people to die, is that it?

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