Really Tyga?

A post on Facebook that recently caught my eye read “Tyga talks bad about Jamaica in new music video,” which basically elaborated about the outrage that many Jamaicans had about what Tyga said about Jamaican Ghettos, crime, etc. Before I read the article,  I quickly watched the video because I really wanted to have a background so as to better understand why Jamaicans are outraged.

I went into the comment section and read a few of the comments and many were deffending the music video saying Tyga didn’t say anything about Jamaica that isnt true. Sufice it to say, what many don’t seem to understand about why Jamaicans would be outraged over such representation of our beloved Island, is we already know that Jamaica has problems and up to  the recent smear of CNN labeling Jamaaica as “an extremely violent place” we are already au fait  with the fact that Jamaica has a crime, a economic, a social problem and that seems to be all that is out there in the media about Jamaica, except for when we are showing our glory on the tracks. What I believe Jamaicans are expressing by this particular case of outrage is , there are other things in Jamaica and we would like for those things to be given a little attention instead of our country constantly being painted as if it’s a war zone. Fay Ellington defended the country after CNN’s attack saying Jamaica has pockets of violence and  though she came under scrutiny, even from those within our shores, she also didn’t say anything wrong. Jamaica cannot hide from its crime problems but we also do have pockets of violence in Jamaica much like anywhere else in the world and of all places, The US of A is one to talk. Jamaica is about the same size as the state of Illinois, possibly smaller and with a smaller population. The violence in south-side Chicago in a day far outweighs the whole crime stats for Jamaica in  half a year. But if you should average the violence of the whole country then Jamaica would be babies in comparison. Per Capita is  the supremacist way of demonizing others in a politically correct way while making themselves seem better. You’d think black Americans of all persons would understand this.

Tyga shouldn’t be the one to come to Jamaica talking about our ghettos and crime. When they have worst issues in America to deal with. When black Americans  stop dying in the streets for no reason, then Tyga might have footing to criticize Jamaica.

Even though my rant on what was said is so long, that isnt even the worst part of the video.

This negro went to Jamaica, a country that is roughly 90% black/negro/African people and  said, the only reason that made him stay was this bleach blond white girl, who mind you is clearly not a native to Jamaica. Even the uptown light skinned Jamaicans look nothing like this bleach, blond Becky who was the center piece of his video. While they were black Jamaican girls in the video, they were only used as props in an overly sexual way. The whole point of Tyga coming to Jamaica to shoot and record a music video is because he wants the Jamaican dance hall flare, the same flare that gave Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” Rihanna’s “Work” and Drake’s “Controlla”, which all have a Dancehall sound and structure, their status on the Billboard Charts. Many mainstream American artist have used/exploited Jamaica’s culture, some giving ‘respek’ while others dont (cough…Justin Bierber gtfoh with that tropical house bs, you know that’s Dancehall). But Tyga’s disrespect of Jamaicans on Jamaica’s soil is unforgivable. How can you say the only thing that causes you to want to stay in Jamaica, is an imported,  out of place white girl with bantu knots? If black Americans such as himself are still hung up on sleeping with massa, that is not something that we want to be associated with in Jamaica.

We are literally in the process of trying to rescue those who are constantly bleaching themselves because they think they are unworthy because they are black and here you come reinforcing  the very same bullshit that has eroded these people’s ability to love the skin they were born in.

I I wont even get into the other blatant stereotypes present in this video. However, I will reiterate, Tyga, or any other american isnt exactly the person to point out the flaws in Jamaica. Any smart person/country would know to pick the beam from their eyes before they pick the speck from someone else’s. As the good book says…”He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone.” Secondly, we don’t need you to export your self hatred to our island. It seems to be a trend with American black men to overly sexualize, exploit and discard black women while holding white women on a pedestal. We don’t need that kind of representation from a man who seems to be unable to find a woman who is age appropriate for him. We don’t need you to erode the work that we have been doing in Jamaica for years to uplift the average dark skinned woman.

Too many want the hype of brand Jamaica but have no respect for Jamaica and the Jamaican people. After all, isnt that what you call cultural appropriation in America?

And last but not least, the overall video was pointless and the song quite silly. This is a perfect example of instances where foreign invasion does more arm than good for our country.



4 thoughts on “Really Tyga?

  1. Thank you for this post. As a Jamaican-American I hate this video. It’s not okay how he presented Jamaica and how held up Amina as a object of desire. What did he do about what he highlighted in the video. Did he work in the community? Set up a program? No.

    Again, Great post

    1. America doesnt just have a white supremacist problem, they have a america supremacist problem as well and sadly this is also perpetuated by black americans who should get the point by now. Thanks for reading and commenting

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