Stop allowing men to dictate our standards

I have been thinking lately about the condition of the present society that we live in. This thinking is in relation to how women view themselves and how responsible are men for these views.

I live in Jamaica, where female self respect is significantly declining and women who have standards are seen as an anomaly.

For years women have been accepting being referred to as bitches and hos but we have reached an all time low as women are gyrating  without consideration to lyrics such as “Walk Like a Dog.”

The truth of the matter is that both Dancehall culture and Rap culture seem to be hell bent on degrading women. Many will look at it as entertainment but to me it is sickening.  Why are women so quick to sink to the lows dictated by men rather than to stand up for themselves and command respect.

What entertainment can one get from walking like a dog?  What’s ironic,  is that female dogs in reality do not “cock up and piss” so why are these women mimicking the actions of a male dog while the men look on. Why aren’t the males walking like dogs and doing what male dogs do.

Things like this have been going on for years and if you look into the media you can see how the female is consistently degraded while the men are protected. When you watch a film, they have no issues showing the full female anatomy naked but you will never see a man completely naked  showing his package. It just never happens. Recently however, they have been bringing the cameras lower and you’ll see a male butt here and there but never the full package.

I am not saying that I want to see naked men in films, I am just saying that the same respect that is paid to the male anatomy should be afforded to the female. A woman should not be lead to believe that she has to be completely naked to be attractive because even with this there are negative spin offs.
I am sure it is nice for everyone to see a well toned woman wearing little to no clothes, case in point;


but the reverse however is not true. All women suffer basically from most of the same insecurities, same sources of confidence and the same desires and as such you will have other women who are not so pleasing to look at walking around naked as well. I am not saying here that a woman should not be comfortable in her skin but comfort is not synonymous with being naked and the truth is that somethings are better when covered.

Another thing that upsets me is the audacity of some men who can’t go five seconds without referring to a woman as a bitch or a ho. The truth some of them need to thank God for money because they look like characters out of Sci Fi movies



If it wasn’t for money some of these men wouldn’t even be able to walk near some of the women they are calling hos and bitches and its a damn shame. We all need money to survive, women do not need it more than any other species and as such we must stop acting like it. Don’t continue to allow all sorts of men to use money as a motivator for you to lose all self respect. They’re the same ones who turn around and say your not suitable for marriage, etc because nothing about you is a secret.

Life was not meant to be this way. Women should continue to expect proper respectful courtship from a man which leads to a marriage and family. Women stop falling for less than what you deserve. Don’t continue to allow men to dictate your standards because we can already see how low they have put them.

2 thoughts on “Stop allowing men to dictate our standards

  1. Thank you. But what’s extremely sad is that the girls who need this kind of perspective are the ones who will not take 5 mins out of their day to read such a post. That’s truly depressing.

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