This poem was written in hopes of being read at my wedding as a pledge to the man I thought I would be spending the rest of my life with. I later found out that everything he ever said to me was a lie – and I mean everything. However, though I will not be using this poem to pledge my love for him, I decided to share it anyway, because, though he was lying, every word of it is true and came from my heart.

I title it Aloha, because in Hawaiian, Aloha is used to express both hello and goodbye, which basically sums up the world wind of fake romance, that I recently experienced.

Here goes,


You engross my mind

I think of you always

like a breath of fresh air

you revitalize my heart

which has awaken from a coma

Your voice is a delight

I love your voice

when you gently whisper my name

I love the way you laugh

at the silliest of things

I think of you always

I replay our conversations

every word, every syllable inspires

a smile – hovers over my face

like clouds on a rainy day

I think of you always

you doubt I feel the way you do

but faith said go ahead

so I love you simply

because you asked me to.


“Love makes time pass but time makes love pass”.I have never been so badly deceived in my whole life and it will be a hell of a struggle to recover from this whole situation but it too shall pass – in time.

Hawaiian sunset

4 thoughts on “Aloha

  1. In my previous post about me being busy I mentioned that a change in my life made me so happy that I couldn’t even write but this poem came from that happiness, and as it is now there is so many things in my mind that I am thinking of writing about but I just don’t want to feel the sadness of getting it all out, but I think I need to rage to get it out the way I need to and to help with my recovery.

  2. I can’t help the streaming tears that dribble down my eyes.. So touching and sad, the story behind this beautiful balad. I can only imagine your pain and pray time revitalize your heart and sustain your soul.
    Just followed your blog and it’s refreshing reading your thoughts on here.

    1. Your comment just brought tears to my eyes. I didn’t even consider my poem a ballad, but I love ballads because they are the truest reflection of our capacity to feel, so thanks for that. And thanks for your prayers, each day gets better and thanks for subscribing, I really appreciate it. 🙂

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