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On sunday April 27th 2014 I decided to declare to the world that I am following a new path by getting baptized. When I started this blog, I really didnt have any concrete feeling about religion and was in the process of finding my religious footing on this earth.  See

Religion has always been a struggle for me and I have always questioned many aspects of it. I eventually was comforted by the thought that arguing religion was a waste of time and I was comfortable with believing that there is a higher power who like many others I call God. I was comforted in believing that I am a kind person, I live a relatively clean life, I pray and ask for forgiveness – when I can remember- I help people around me etc. All things good in the sight of God. My belief in God was always there but there was always the question of is this enough?

I have always gone to church periodically in my life, from being forced to go as a child to voluntarily going while in college.  It was while going to college that I came upon a group of believers who showed me the type of faith and righteous path that I can say is comfortable without being compromised. These people live through faith and worship however, their religious expressions do not seem to be a burden, as I have always seen in other religious sects that I have been exposed to prior to meeting them. But what I also saw was that, they did not compromise the word of God to fit what they wanted to practice.

This type of worship really appealed to me because over the years I truly had conflicts with how I saw persons who were devoted Christians living. Especially the church that I grew up in, it is like their teaching is to not expect anything in this life as there will be milk and honey in abundance in heaven. As marxist said “religion in the opium of the people” and this is what I saw in the set of worshipers that I grew up around. A group of people who believe that they have no right to be happy in this life and as such they do nothing to improve their lives and sit everyday saying God will provide. They look down on other peoples success and judge you for wanting things out of life.

I always thought that God would not have made so much available to man just for it to be consumed by “sinners”. He made the world for all humans and in everything their is good and evil, it is just based on the interpretation of the individual. So I couldn’t really accept their stance on religion and this also kinda turned me away from it in a sense.

But recently and particularly to the end of the last year, I was assessing my life and I realized that, the things I thought were bringing me joy did not actually bring me real joy. I was going to the club, putting myself out their trying to find a partner etc. but all these things brought me superficial happiness and then great hurt. I realized that what I was searching for was not in the places that I was going or in the activities that I was partaking in.

My introspection lead me to start going to church again and I went back to the church I was attending while in college. I was welcomed by the believers as I had been previously. But I still couldn’t help feeling alienated because I didn’t see myself having the joy that the other members had. There is this joy that the believers of God have because they can count on the fact that God is there for them and will never fail them. I was envious of this joy and wanted to achieve it for myself. That’s when I started to enquire about my transition from my present life, into a life of faith, walking with God.

When I look back at my journey, what I want to share with the persons reading this post is that if you seek God, you will find him. The world is now on a rampage trying to prove that Jesus and to some extent God is not real. I would advise you not to get caught up in such discussions but seek your answers from God. He will find a way to give you the answers you seek.

In this day and age, man is trying to make God/religion irrelevant such that they can continue with the moral decay that society is currently experiencing. Religion as always been, in past, present and in future societies, the source of ethical and moral guidance. Presently, many have turned so far away from God that is it so easy to believe all that is circulating in the world. I can attest to this because this was my struggle. I too was engulfed in questioning, never Gods existence but, aspects of the bible that I really didn’t agree with. However, I have come to realize that these questions arose out of me not being informed and having discussions with people who are also uniformed, and such discussions are quite unproductive and destructive.

I strongly encourage anyone reading this who are battling with the question of religion, to draw closer to God and he will reveal himself to you. The farther you are from God, the harder it is for you to truly know him.  Religion/Christianity is your personal relationship with God and like any other relationship, you can be inspired by others, guided by others but what is most important is the opinion of the person your in the relationship with. So though fellowship is necessary to build spirituality, what is more important is your relationship with God and his opinion of you.

My baptism
My baptism

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