In Justice System – Vybz Kartel Saga

So the famous and obnoxious Vybz Kartel has been sentenced to thirty five years in prison for murdering some “unimportant” individual and all of Jamaica – me not included- are going crazy about it.

I say what is all this hoopla about? There is no justice in the justice system. We already knew that, that’s nothing new. I see Facebook lighting up with comments about “police murders” and politicians who steal light bulbs etc. In the end a crime is a crime but these people are clearly comparing apples and oranges and the hypocrisy stinks.

Vybz Kartel is a famous entertainer (not) and as such in Jamaican culture, like every other high profile person, who has committed gruesome acts of crime, he should have been set free.  That is the reason why the justice system is flawed because we sit by and are comfortable when the small man is being mistreated by the system. We make no noise, but as soon as some high profile case is being aired, riots break out and usually for the wrong reasons.

The progress of the case against Kartel I dare say has been less than kosher  and yes there are a lot of gray areas. But truthfully, he could not have been held behind bars for so long without proper evidence. He has a constitutional right against this, which I am sure his high profile lawyers know about. So clearly, there was evidence and strong evidence too. The first of which is Gaza Slim reporting a robbery days after her accused was already dead. Have you forgotten about that?

Less than two years of the case being in front of the court and “Shorty” is already broke. Kartel as far as I know is a successful artist and they don’t pay rent, bills or buy food in prison, so what happened to all his money? Jamicans may not want to admit but remember that juror who was charged in the case? – He was being paid to sway the jury. All those other mishaps that happened with the evidence and the tapes, were clearly not accidental. Money makes people do crazy things.

No case with an innocent man has so many acts of him trying to control what happens in court. If he was really innocent, then in the first instant he would have been able to get bail and he would have had the proper evidence to prove his innocence. There would not have been so many backdoor dealings and acts of criminality taking place to help him “buss” the case as they say in Jamaica.

A thirty five years sentencing is in my opinion harsh and  I do agree with people especially since on average other murderers get seven or so years. But he can always appeal the sentencing decision, and who knows, if his prison music makes enough money, he may actually be able to buy a not guilty verdict this time around. After all, he has never had the support of his fans before as he does now

and I’m sure they will buy and not bootleg the music in such a ominous time in the artist life.

This case is a clear cut example of  ” all animals are equal but some are more equal”.  I say, if you do the crime then once you are caught you should do the time. So whether its Kartel, The X-6 driver or members of the police force, if you unlawfully kill a person then you should be severely punished. No one should take another persons life without facing consequences.

Jamaicans should try putting themselves in the shoes of the family of the man that was killed. View this situation from their point of view for once because though his life wasnt has impactful on the masses as that of Kartel’s, I’m sure he was important to his family. He had a mother, a father, he had a spouse and children who I am sure miss him and will have to deal with his absence for the rest of their lives. Where is the justice for them?


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