I’ve been busy

The creative process is one that intrigues me. Almost all artist, from writers to painters to dancers, tend to find their muse in the darkest, saddest, loneliest of places. It is as if an artist cannot start out happy. To be and artist you have to go through the initiation of being down and out to find your creative voice and after you bear your soul, that’s when true happiness comes.

Writing is like a cleansing but once you are squeaky clean, the question is where do you go from there? How do you find inspiration to continue when what your feeling now is so opposite from where you started. Is happiness and hindrance to creativity? These are some of the thoughts that have been popping up in my head recently because truthfully, not much has changed in my life but one simple chance meet has brought me great joy and so I see where I am not really able to write from that place that inspired me before.

Separate from that, I have also been quite busy with school and my pent up frustration with it has also crippled my ability to be creative and expressive, mostly because I am overwhelmed. I have always been one to multi task and at this point I have been finding that difficult to do. I hate when school feels like a task. I wouldn’t work if I didn’t have to so going to school, which is my choice, I think should never feel like work. The bottom line is I am in a funk, a happy funk.

One good news though is that I made the Dean’s List for second year of University. I would have made it for first year as well but first year doesn’t count. How can first year not count when I ended with a 4.0 GPA and practically emptied my bank account to pay tuition. But anyway, lets not go there. I’m still celebrating my success and wanted to share that with you, my readers. And in moving forward, I’ll definitely try to catch up on my writing challenges and continue to write because the full has not been told. I just need to return to my creative space.

My picture: Dean's List - UWI Notice Board
My picture: Dean’s List – UWI Notice Board

4 thoughts on “I’ve been busy

  1. Congratulations!!! You are awesome!!! I’m jumping of joy for you, girl! Hugs and kisses!!! and look, creativity is not only in writing. What you have been busy with these past couple weeks is a form of creativity as well, even if we most often refer to it as “work”.;) step back and admire the end result of your efforts – well worth it!

    1. Thank you so much. I have been so happy these past weeks not just with making the deans list but also with something else that I don’t want to jinx but I’ll definitely share later. And thank you for viewing school as creativity because when I think about it, I have really created some master essays and projects so far. The final year is exhausting but it will end soon.
      How have you been?

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