love is such a reckless emotion

one minute your dancing on cloud nine

the next, your free falling through an abyss

we give up on things that are much easier to acquire

however, after suffering through bouts of heartache

we still are rest assured  that there is

a love out there just for us

so we go through  the cycle once more

will we ever accept, love

is just a stupid scheme

a facade

an illusion

love is

like seeing water in the middle of a hot dessert

it is never real

it never lasts

its just a mirage.


4 thoughts on “Unending

  1. Nope, will never accept. Why? Cuz love’ s out there, sneaking from around the corner and you’ll bump right into it as soon as you free your heart honestly and consciously from past shit ( forgive me the language).

    1. Kudos to you for sticking up for love. Its just there one minute and gone the next. I think if it was the most powerful and important emotion people should be better at it but instead we get worst at it as time passes

      1. I love love as much as the next person but its really sad how much people have abused love in the name of material gains as such, there is no lasting real love any more. its I love you for what I can get, whether sexual or monetary or both

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