Death in life

Life passes by


silent as the wind

I remain in one place

In one corner

In one room

except when

I  have to make an appearance.

Sometimes I think

of things

to do

of people

I could meet

sometimes I even

make a move

but then I remain.

I find the effort


I find more harmony

In the depths of

my thoughts

my mental creations

of a life

the life

where I participate

where I too

have a plethora of

thing to do

things to say

where I’m not


and life doesn’t just

whisper softly

as if  tiptoeing by.


2 thoughts on “Death in life

  1. Honey, I think you have a special talent of putting your inner self into very explicit words for the outsiders as myself to see clearly your image and understand your message.

    1. Special is such an awesome word. and to think I only recently started writing poetry. Its so amazing that the more I read the easier it becomes to express my own thoughts

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