Share Your World – 2014 Week 8

Would you rather be given $10,000 for your own use or $100,000 to give anonymously to strangers?

I would rather get both. I could really use $10,000,00 at this point but for the one hundred thousand dollars, giving it to random strangers may not be the best idea because I am sure with a little research I could find people who could really use such a cash boost to make a real difference in their lives.

When you’re 90 years old, what will matter most to you?

Truthfully, I don’t wish to live till I am 90 yrs old so I hope not to be worried about anything then. But if I should live till I’m that old, the presence of my family would matter most to me. I would hope that I had lived a life of kindness so that my family wouldn’t consider it a burden to be around me but would want to treasure the last bit of time they have with me.

Candy factories of the entire world have become one and will now be making only one kind of candy. Which kind, if you were calling the shots?

Gummy anything,  gummy bears, worms, fruit treats etc.

So, you’re on your way out and it’s raining. Do you know where your umbrella is or do you frantically search for it all over your apartment/house?

I usually keep a small umbrella in my purse so just in case I am out and it starts raining I can still go about my business without having to spend money that I am not prepared to. this reminds me, I used my umbrella on Tuesday and I haven’tdried it, crap! Its gonna rust. Guess I’ll be buying a new umbrella then.

My Photo : A beautiful day on UWI's campus
My Photo : A beautiful day on UWI’s campus

Share Your World – 2014 Week 8

Share Your World


4 thoughts on “Share Your World – 2014 Week 8

    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. You should probably go treat yourself to some gummies cuz if it became up to Cee we’ll only have dark chocolate that taste just as dark.

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