Does size really matter?

This topic was suggested by one of my readers as something for me to lament about. I must declare that I am no authority on the matter but there are certain things that women know and can speak of purely on the basis that they are women as there are certain qualities and feelings that are innate. So here goes my interpretation of the question –

Does size matter?  images

In every situation if there is too much or too little then that will affect how the experience is felt. If you eat too much then you will feel sick and if you eat too little, then your left wanting. In my opinion the same goes for the size of a man’s package.

Men have spent centuries convincing themselves  (with help from some women) that if they had a bigger d*&@k then they would be better men, better lovers and better at life.  But the truth is, most women are not out there looking in search of conquering the biggest d*&@k and having mind blowing sex.

Women are in search of love, stability, comfort, protection, acceptance, happiness etc, all of which has very little or nothing to do with the size of a man’s d*&@k . What women seek lies in the overall man, his character, his strengths and his weaknesses and his willingness to be both strong and vulnerable for her.

I think the size of a man’s d*&@k matters more to him than it does to a woman who is seeking love. The statement that love is blind have been proven true time and again. When a woman is in love she will do and accept and tolerate many things against her better judgement – like loving a man with a smaller or larger d*&@k than she is comfortable with  – an yes, a man’s dick can be too big!

But back to the issue at hand, a woman will accept and tolerate all your flaws  if you overall persona makes her happy, makes her want to be with you all the time, makes her life worthwhile. A woman will adapt to the man that she is comfortable and happy with. Will she admit that your d*&@k is too little or too big?  That has two answers;

If you’re too big – yes, quite easily, she will let you know.Because if a man’s dick is too big then that can cause a lot of displeasure and other issues so it is in her best interest to let him know. Why? So he can be more cautious and considerate during sex such that the encounter is not painful but pleasurable for both. Plus what man doesn’t want to hear that he is big….too big?

On the flip side, no man wants to hear that is d*&@k is small. So if a man fall in that category he probably will not hear it from his partner. However, she will try to find ways to help herself to enjoy the act of sex more and also to help him feel like he is bigger than what he is. She knows that your d*&@ks are synonymous with your egos so she will bend the truth a little or a lot and in some cases she will remain silent – well until you have that bad break- up and then the world and you will know how small it really is.

To counter this, I would encourage men to be more aware and accepting of where you fall on the spectrum so that you wont fall victim to being lied to or you wont traumatize an unsuspecting female. Once you can accept the piece that you have been dealt then you will be able to avoid the pretense and the ego trip and be more focused on making the best use of what you have, as bigger is not always better.

To answer the question, does size really matter? I say yes, yes it does. The  right size matters a great deal. I end in the words of Buju Banton, “Every hoe have them stick a bush.”

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