Being Black Re-Interpreted

This post has been inspired by a topic that I see being constantly discussed on YouTube but it was particularly inspired by this documentary that I recently watched.

So after watching this, I got into my head and came up with this;

What does it mean to be Black?

Being Black isn’t a convenience

It isn’t about choosing Black because

your not accepted by any other

Being Black isn’t an after thought

It is being proud of the skin you’re in

Its about those strong vibrations

in your heart

Being Black is about having soul

Its about the music of your spirit

Its about embracing each tiny

curl, and kink in your big Afro

Being Black is big, its not about

being relaxed to be appropriate

Its not about identifying all your additives

from White to Jew to Pacific Islander

then to African

Being black is about stating that your African


Being Black is about knowing and accepting

the colour of your skin, your brown eyes, the width of your nose

the thickness of your lips,

and the rhythm of your soul, your black soul

Being Black is about empowering and ridding the mind

of a social construct which perpetuates Black as no good

Black as evil, or corrupted

Black is the presence of everything

because Black embodies the world

Being Black isn’t  be a convenience

Black is so much more

for those who don’t have the option of


Black is strength, Black is beauty, black is power

Black is rising from years of being under.


In response to February 15 – Proud

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