Final Semester – Lunch Post

I am in a room

With white walls and desks neatly arranged

I know all the faces

Everyone is talking to each other

About each other, but no-one


alks to me, I am a stranger

I don’t know where my friends are…

If they were here, I too

would be

Talking, laughing, happy

I need to find them!



2 thoughts on “Final Semester – Lunch Post

  1. I understand where you’re coming from. When I was in college, I had very few connections and usually in class I spent my time either getting homework done before working or doodling. That’s wonderful that this is your final semester! 🙂 What are you majoring in? I got a Bachelor’s degree in psychology.

    1. I am also very happy that I’m in final semester. However, I can’t share the fun with my group mates because classes are poorly scheduled and as such I’m stuck with a group of students who know each other and even the lecturer and I just feel like an outsider. Of course, I was also concerned about whether or not my group mates were gonna be able to complete this semester because of the ridiculous timetable.

      I’m completing a B.ed. in Literacy Studies.

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