Have we no self respect?

This video was brought to my attention on Facebook and after viewing some of the comments, this particular one was indelible…

“the people dem just a enjoy dem self, some a unno too judgmental and unno a do worst, nuff a unno a lick out batty, gal a fuck gal and some a unno a tek fuck inna unno batty. unno low di people dem and go suck out unno mumma. straightttttttttttt”

This is what is seen as enjoyment. Though many were disgusted by this video, more were defending it and more shockingly women.

This is where I draw the line.  When I first heard of this new dance I was appalled but at that time I did’t know that there was a song to match. This revelation has my stomach churning. I just want to puke. I continue to be disappointed with the way many Jamaican women view themselves and the fact that they have no thought for how their vulgarity reflects on and impacts the lives of other women in the society. I am completely tired of seeing our women being subjected to this kind of sexual exploitation with no end in sight.

When will it end?

When will Jamaican women start seeing themselves as more than just sex objects for men?

When will they see that broadcasting their complete lack of self respect is having damning repercussions for our daughters?

When will they know that they are demeaning the entire female population of Jamaica?

When will they stop driving a wrecking ball to the work  women, especially black women, have done  for men to see us as equals and even more so for us to embrace our self worth?

When will they stop using money as an excuse to sell their souls and their bodies for the entertainment of men?

When will they start to understand that if we don’t dictate the standards by which we want our men to treat us by, they will continue to create similar avenues of self destruction for us?

When will they start understanding that their worth is not defined by “how good you hole is,” how big your ass is and how well you can shake it or how well you can” ride cocky”

When will they stop seeing themselves as bitches and stop competing with dogs for their status?

And most importantly when will we accept and start correcting the degradation that dance-hall music is inflicting on our society?

The broadcasting commission had a fit over “daggering” and it was banned, but precious little has been done since to rein in the Jamaican Dancehall Artists  from producing these sexually explicit videos and songs. “Daggering” was bad, but if our women have gone from daggering to “walk lakka daag and cock up an piss”, I think that this is proof that the ban was meaningless.  Other countries such as Trinidad have seen the effects that Dance-hall music is having on their society and have taken steps to prevent their citizens from being exposed to it. Jamaica on the other hand, continue to be blinded by whatever financial gain they can acquire from this music but the implications that the music have on citizens, especially impressionable young girls, is ignored and reinforced by this other comment from Facebook….

” Look men are perverts ok but women are the biggest perverts going come out unnu closet.. thats why nuff a unnu man get take wea… ca some girls or ladies dont have no hang up abt natural sexapeal … unnu come off the girls ca if them did dea wea mi dea dem mek nuff money,  run them way they can dance !”

Enough said, since we’re making money then to hell with everything else.


6 thoughts on “Have we no self respect?

  1. I can definitely agree with you. I live in America, and I see similar things on the media. It’s really unfortunate that the message society gives is that in order to be beautiful, you need to look sexy by wearing lots of makeup and wearing skimpy clothes. I guess if society learned that “beauty is skin deep”, then no one would be buying certain products such as certain clothes or makeup. 😉

    It’s interesting to see media from other countries, and how similar the media is all over the world. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Oh, I wish the issue could be limited to the people of one nation. Alas! I come from Ukraine, and the women of former Soviet Union, unfortunately, have a solid reputation far from the best and flattering. But you are right – the main problem and “the source of all evil” is the media nowadays. The media has the power to create and control the attitudes and sadly most people regardless of their origins or counties, fall for it, forgetting their background, even dropping the natural intrinsic behaviors, like shame, personal dignity and family values.

      1. Thanks for bringing that to my attention since I wasn’t aware that those problems expand so much across the world. This goes to show that the fight to get women back on track for self respect and dignity lies with us all and is not limited to any nation or race.

    2. Thank you for reading and for commenting. I see where the media and the private sector continuously exploit women and I hate the fact that women have not risen from associating their worth with their bodies.

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