The Stranger Inside Me

All my life I’ve wondered

What it would be like

To be  engulfed in the light of

A dream realised

I’ve wanted this since I was five

In fact I longed for it

My escape

Sweet distance that would

Elevate me from the depth of

The darkness I know to be life

The daily feeling of being a stranger

All along I knew, I could feel

I didn’t belong there

And I couldn’t help but feel

That there was somewhere out there

For me to make my own

So I dreamed of the first day

Of the place where I would not

Feel so alien.


Photo credit: M. Photography

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11 thoughts on “The Stranger Inside Me

    1. Thank you, I’m so glad that you enjoyed it. I really don’t give myself credit for writing poetry, but reading posts from talents such as yourself, is really helping my creative juices to flow.

      1. Denise, don’t get too hard on yourself! You have the sweetest way with words! As for myself, I don;t consider myself anything special, either! But I really appreciate your compliment!

      2. Thanks much. Its strange that most bloggers don’t give themselves credit for their work. I guess we all operate of the premise “thou shall not blow thine own trumpet” :thumbsup:

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