Holiday Celebrartions

I was in the Bank recently. There was about two hundred other persons in there as well. I became really agitated because I knew my Supervisor had pulled a con on me. I was there to pay her son’s school fees because she was busy with other things and he was due for school the next day. I really didn’t mind helping out cuz I quite like the little dude – such a cutie 🙂  but i was really pissed off 😡 about waiting in such a long line a day before school re-opened.

But anyway, that situation got me thinking about the routines of life and truly how stupid (or not) people are. Though people might consider my feeling harsh, like the guy who was in front me in the line, I do think that it is stupid to   suffer every yearfrom the commercialization of events such as Christmas, New Years, Black Friday and any other holiday, even back to school.

People flock the streets with their kids and cause all sorts of chaos.On Christmas eve, I was coming off duty, tired as hell after 1:00 am only to get to Halfway Tree to see it crowded with people, walking all over the street. It took me about an hour just to manoeuvre the town square and I felt pretty irritated. A few weeks before that I was watching news on cable TV and all the Mayhem of black Friday was a key feature of the news.

Every year during Christmas celebration, numerous kids get lost, people get injured or have their prize possession lost or stolen, yet they return the other year to the scene of the crime for more. When will people stop succumbing to the pressures of commercialization.

I believe that people are not being smart about their shopping options or even their options for recreation. One justification that the young man standing in front of me in the line gave for Christmas being this chaotic, is that its the one time of year that many kids get to go out or even get a new suit of clothes. But I would say shame on any parent who exposes a child to such a rough day just because of a suit of clothes or an ice cream cone – anyone who has be to DOWNTOWN KINGSTON on grand-market day or night can appreciate my grounds. Parents should make it their point of duty to treat their kids periodically throughout the year and not just on a routine grand sale day, where nothing changes. Kids need worthwhile experiences and the activities of new years eve are quite static – you may disagree. And who says they have to go shopping, if its the only time of year they get to go out, can’t you be creative and do a different activity each year?

To add to it all, people don’t even realize that prices are hiked during this season, especially on sale items. The price that you get for the sale is the actual price that the item is valued. These business people expect maximum profit in peek season to cover all losses in the off peak time. So if your smart about your holiday preparations, a day or two before the peek shopping day is wonderful time to go about your business.

your shopping experience will be even better, because, you still feel the spirit of the season and you don’t have to deal with the drama that comes with it. Its high time we get the our holiday practices in check and stop causing or joining unnecessarily long lines and inconveniencing each other.


Downtown Kingston during Grand-market

2 thoughts on “Holiday Celebrartions

  1. You are so right regarding shopping and recreation habits, and craziness of people’s behavior during holidays skyrockets! And every time I feel like saying: “Why does it always become MY problem when people get crazy around?!”

    1. It bugs me so much because most times I get caught up in the rush not because I am apart of the “craziness” but because I’m trying to go about my routine business, then I’m bombarded by the chaos.

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