Endangered Species

I have been thinking seriously about the evolution of fashion lately-more so, male fashion. What I have seen has become quite a concern because more and more I see men decked out in what is traditionally women’s clothing.

Tight pants,  pedal pushers and tight shirts/blouses are typical of the female dress code but not in recent years. It has become  quite a struggle to go shopping and find slim fitting  black or grey pants.  This begs the question,  is the challenge faced by women to find certain apparel as a result of men buying them first?


The problem does not even stop at them buying and wearing female clothes, but it also transcends to the beauty salon as men have become more prominent in the clientele. They have taken over the intricately designed hairstyles that were once monopolized by women and girls – even wearing extensions.  They have also become more self aware and are bleaching their skin and grooming their eye brows.

I must point out that the men that I am describing here are not men who have “come out of the closet” but men whom you can’t even mention the word “gay” in their presence because Jamaica Fire Brigade could not contain the amount of “fyah” that they would burn. Oddly enough, these “bun fyah pon batty man”spewing, tight pants wearing, bleached out face men appear more Gay than the honest gay men. The hypocrisy is quite disconcerting.

Regardless of what these men have to say about gay men, I respect them for their honesty because honest gay men are of no threat to me. I can only avoid dangers that I am aware of. The real threat to me and other females are these closet homosexuals who do everything female, but won’t accept that they may be more gay than the men they ostracize.

These recent fashion faux pas are erasing the masculine identity not just in Jamaica but on a global scale. Traditionally young men learned their gender roles, such as dress code, mannerisms, socially accepted behaviors etc. from their masculine father. But, the masculine identity has suffered numerous blows by the acceptance of extreme deviance as is evident in  male behavior, demeanor and appearance in present day society.

Men who wear tight pants, do not just look ridiculous, they also are affecting population growth. I am no scientist but it is clear through world population census that there are more women than omen in the world. I also believe that on average their are more female births than male biths which makes it safe to conclude that the female sperm is stronger than the male sperm- only because on average they win the race more often than the male sperm – you can disagree. But my point is that, the wearing of these tight pants is definitely doing more harm than good to the balance in the population since the weaker male sperms have a harder time surviving the heat generated by these pants.

To add to this, men on average die from violent encounters far more than females and the ratio of male prisons to female prison (in Jamaica) is about 7:1.  If this isn’t bad enough, the few men that are in the population are homosexuals, closet homosexuals and then there are those who are abandoning their masculine roles all together to become sugar babies.

The masculine code, is that men are the hunters, the providers and the protectors, but much has changed in today’s society. Men no longer want to play these social roles but are becoming pets for cougars and even younger women who are willing to take care of them. I also believe that some men fall victim to homosexuality because they are shunning their responsibility of being the provider and instead want to be provided for.

Whatever, the reason is behind the male species becoming more endangered everyday, it needs to be addressed. If young boys continue to grow with these influences then the line between masculinity and femininity will not only be blurred but will disappear and the male species will not only be endangered but will be on its way to extinction.

Skin bleaching6

Disclaimer: I have nothing against homosexuals and this post is not meant to demean them.

5 thoughts on “Endangered Species

  1. I am so glad I have found a co-minder on this issue! I was beginning to suspect I am the only one, most old fashioned, out dated matron around! Cannot comprehend why would young med do something as outrageous to themselves in respect to their outfit if my life depended on it!

    1. I think it is really sad that most persons pass this of as modern day expression of self rather than see that these new behaviors have far reaching implications for generations to come. Where did it all even start from?

      1. I’m afraid it came as a natural result of lack of good education, which in its turn brought lack of intelligence. And what else does one have to show off to the world but the looks in the lack of intellect?

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