Bleached-Blond-Barbie dolls

There are two types of women in the word {strictly my opinion}

Ordinary women and Bleached-Blond-Barbie dolls

How do you differentiate you might ask? Well, here are some of the features that may help.

Ordinary Woman                                           Image

  1. They always have a plan for their lives, they don’t just let the chip fall where they may.
  2. Her bills and expenses aren’t equivalent to the number of men she has.
  3. Her time is valuable so if she gives it to you, make good use of it because there is a lot she could be doing with that time. Also she doesn’t have time to be up all night talking on{ Digicel Free Nights} the phone, she has work or school or a combination of both.
  4. She doesn’t need a “Baby Daddy” or worst “Baby Mamma Drama.” That’s why she waits to start a family because she wants a guy who can be an “All The Time Daddy.”
  5. She doesn’t want a man to “mine” her, she wants someone to care for her. Caring is a far more complex construct that “mining.”
  6. They are not shallow and think of just $ signs. They want someone with whom they can build. Every detail is important.
  7. Most don’t have the capacity to replicate the various times on the clock such as 6:30, 3:45 etc. they don’t Ho-Down or Throw-Down. They have societal standards to live up to and yes, what people think of them is important as their progress significantly depend on the images they portray.                                                              Image



  Bleached-Blond-Barbie Dolls              Image

  1. They too have goals for their lives, their goals however are just different and they employ more prolific methods to achieve them.
  2. Their bills tend to be equivalent to the number of  guys they are screwing or conning or the number of baby daddies they have acquired.
  3. They are tortured beauties (literally 🙂 ). Their procedures are as complex as making gold but the results are not of the same standard.
  4. They have a lot of time on their hands. They can afford to stay up all night talking on Digicel Free Nights because their existence depends on it. While you work (whatever form that takes) they can sleep all day.
  5. Its mostly all about the money for them; for the weave, the clothes, the parties, and don’t forget the rubbings.
  6. And if you don’t have a watch no worries, you don’t need one. They have no issues contouring to demonstrate various hours of the day. And if you want it wild and freaky, they are probably your best bet. This is their image and they don’t care what people think.


Now that we have some criteria by which to separate the two, I will continue by suggesting to the men out there to reconsider their approach.

When you approach an ordinary woman, please don’t  assume that all women are the same. Our standards are different and as such the same basal approach will not work with all. When an ordinary woman sets her standards, don’t go about slandering her as uptight or bossy. If you cant meet her standards then there are no worries as the pool of Bleached-Blond-Barbie Dolls is much more vast and generally takes less work – just make sure that your pocket is up to it cause FYI, it takes a lot to transform into a whole other person.

Women, whatever standards you set, please stick to them. Do not make impossible ones that only the “night in shining armor “of your imagination can meet. Set reasonable and realistic standards and don’t compromise on them. It doesn’t who the guy is or how charming he seems, if he really wants you as bad as he claims, he”ll do what you require of him.


Disclaimer: In every situation there are exceptions and that’s all the more reason to treat people as individuals. in the same way that its possible to find a rose among thorns, the reverse is also possible. So NO, the characteristics listed previously are not set in stone, they are just as a result of experience and general observations.  😀

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