“Soldering” a weh di young gal want!!!

I have a few questions that have gone unanswered for some time now.

Are Trix really for kids?

Are Lucky Charms really lucky?

and finally, is soldering really what di young gal want?

But seriously, Why are some men convinced that women are delighted by rough sex. Is it the sound effects of naked flesh slapping against each other?  Is it the painful cries that are misjudged as sounds of pleasure? Or perhaps men are entranced by the temporary paralysis experience by women after the “category 5 hurricane” as devastated it’s victim and left them for dead?

Back in the days this lascivious exchange was described as “soldering” but in recent time men have become more creative with their description of the encounter as “”daggering, hundred stab, cuff caff, thump up” and whole host of others.  Following this reinvention of the sacred act of sex, women’s vaginae have also been reclassified to represent inanimate objects such “taxi punani, ukku bit, glammity, gumption, etc.” Whilst these are somewhat humorous, it reinforces the lack of care with which some men approach their partners.

Some men use rough sex to overcompensate for a small dick! Lets be real. Some of these men’s egos are far larger and even harder than their genitals. It seems as if some of these egos have developed erectile tissues as after their poor performances they walk around beating their chest like alpha guerrillas.

I have taken up the onus to nominate Tanya Stephens’ song as my motto “yuh nuh ready fi dis yet bwoy.” Men who aim to please can be officially classified as endangered species some men continue to see women as walking vaginae, if that be the case, should we give ourselves a tap on the clitoris because of course “a yah so nice”

Men need to be cognizant of the fact that not all women like the bedroom bullies. What happen to the days when the aim of a man was to please and not destroy,  to be proud of the look of contentment on his woman’s face after a serving of the cool and deadly?

Though women may be shy and allow you to take the lead,  if you ask they will tell you what they like or prefer. Remember that sex is supposed to unleash pleasure for both persons involved so don’t assume that “soldering a weh di young gal want”


15 thoughts on ““Soldering” a weh di young gal want!!!

  1. well a real medz still one ting can ave so much name, but let me say its the females who talk abou
    t not being pleased why most men give rough sex

    1. thanks for your comment 🙂 but dont forget that the opposite of not being pleased isnt rough. thats the prelude to you asking her what she would prefer. please sontinue to share your views by following our blog. 😀

  2. women are rather caught up in the who idea in pretending and making noise during the whole sexual intercourse which is what boast men into putting in alot of fast strokes which most of of the time arent effective and then they want to point fingers and saying that he didnt do a good job. to be honest only few men will appreciate and romance a woman`s body before start having sex, which is what is lacking in most of the intercourse. As also partners need to change up the sexual positions during intercourse at timely interval because females dont like to predict sex because after a while it will seems boring and thats where the pretending comes starts. So males start romancing your women, suck and nibble there nipples, massages there clits, suck on or gentle bit their necks, use up your ice rub it on and around their sensitive areas such as nipples,back of neck, clitoris, navel, spin etc, and last and finally males learn to listen to your partner. Females start learning to take charge during sex, and stop making noise if your not enjoying it and if the sex is starting to get boring ask for a change in position. That was sex class one on one, so now go have funtastic sex or fuck what ever you call it. (J-R)

  3. Rather interesting discussion. I carefully read through all comments and also the reading. Well am no export in the bedroom and I would like to see myself as a working progress “Soldering” a weh di young gal want!!!” is never the focal thing in my mind when getting into that moment. It is imperative that as men we have a open mind about our sex partner. Communication prior to sex is very effective. Try to understand your partner sexual views. In addition, it is vital that during the act, men pay keen attention to nonverbal communication more than just what is being communicated using the mouth. It is said that 80% of communication is nonverbal. Read the signs that are steering you in your face. A woman will not necessary tells a man in the middle of sex how she wants to be please, so a man must be proactive and try to explore what would blow his woman mind. A woman’s body is very dynamic and it takes a patient man to extract the full capacity of her amazing sexual world. Its imperative that men take the time out to know our partners needs, if not sex toys will take over our function of offering extreme delighting pleasure. Sex is a gift from God left us make it exciting for each other.
    Finally I charge all men to stick to one sex partner, because men who are sexually promiscuous tend to lack sexual competence, in that they have too much person to explore so they never find it fit to know the sexual intricacies of one woman to the maximum level.

    1. Tears 😦 I was so touched by your comment. i guess you fall into what we call “the endangered species of men”. i hope others will take the time out to read your comment too and take away great insights from it. Thumbs up on the promiscuity part :). Please remember to follow. Your comment is appreciated

  4. This is rather interesting but I am of the opinion that it is the responsibility of the parties involved to ensure that each encounter takes on to itself, the desired satisfaction of the particular “moment” which would/ should define the real concept of “spicing up” a relationship…just saying!

  5. Well my take is that this ‘soldering’ is what many Jamaican females are exposed to in songs and as a result they expect their first sexual experience to be painfully exciting. When you listen to lines from lady saw where she sings “Nuh want to belly rubba dub because a backshot mi love” this paints the picture to both young inexperienced males and females that hardcore sex is real sex. When the males listen to these lines he will try to prove his manhood by “applying pressure” on the female not wanting to appear soft and many females accept this.Speaking from experience I hear women say “mi seh di bwoy put on a peice a FCUK pon mi deh nuh normal” The fact is many Jamaican women prefer hardcore sex compared to romance- believe it or not you are a minority 🙂

    1. I can accept that we are a minority however you have reinforced our feelings in that you point out that the general population is mislead in social media about what sex should be. since they dont know otherwise, many actually think that when they are soldered, they got the best there is 😦
      Thanks for commenting and please follow for more thought provoking posts 🙂 😉

  6. well said ourvoiceraw but as other persons have said it is important that women speak out and not just fake it out .The act is suppppose to be the source greatest of pleasure stop “fake it out” a man you neeed read chat to u oooman and tap assume what she like.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Please note however that women suffer because of the need to be modest and make a good impression. If a woman is overly sexual she is stereotyped so to keep her image in tact she will suffer in silence. This is why it is important to do away with certain stereotypes that have survived well over there time and also to foster communication in a relationship so a woman can feel safe to freely express herself

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