To be nude or not to be nude? That is the question

So I recently accepted a friend request from a guy on Facebook. He wasn’t so hard to look at so I thought hey why not! we talked for a while in a getting to know you sense. You know the usual ASL- who remembers that? I expected him to look at my pics and as well he did. He commented on and liked a few and then I received an inbox message,  “hey, ur cute. Can I see a full body pic?” So I thought no harm in that and I sent it. His reply was  “lol. No that’s not what I meant. Can I have a nude or sexy pic?”, and I thought “oh Lord Jesus, there’s a fire” (Sweet Brown’s voice).

Like seriously, what is wrong with men these days? Before they even know basic stuff like your favorite color or something more complex like….I don’t know…”your name!!!” they want naked pics. What I have seen is that they don’t need to know your real name since they have already assumed that you go by “babe, Hun, baby, sexy or cutie” and a whole host of others…can’t remember all right now.

Sometimes I wish I was Arabic. I bet in Arabic countries men don’t ask for nude pics, they say stuff like “can you send me a pic of your face?”

I blame  western society for this!! Men only see women as sex objects and as such a woman who does not subscribe to having their unmentionables broadcast via social media are ostracized for being abnormal or “not with the time”. Is anyone else confused as I am? I’m  as confused as the theory of  dinosaurs evolving  into lizards. Are you seriously serious? What happened to the days when men were enchanted by the unknown, now everything is an open book and the challenge is that many of these men can’t read. Women are not totally blameless either, because they have no problem flaunting their God given “assets” and parading  them for the world to see.

Women please stop allowing men to treat you like objects of sex. If we don’t demand respect by how we present ourselves we will never get it. The truth is, “To be nude or not to be nude, should not be a question “


4 thoughts on “To be nude or not to be nude? That is the question

  1. No I don’t think ntn is wrong with that for a guy to ask for naked pics, if u ever watch the tv show “catfish” u would understand……its one of the easiest way to find out if someone is real are not……..:)

    1. So your telling me that the only way to confirm that a persons is real on fb where people post thousands of pics, is to inbox them to ask for a naked pic? how does nakedness equate to realsm? Cant the person be just as real in their clothes? think about it 🙂

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